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  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I've done the download, as you suggested. It has made not the slightest difference. The problem is still there. Have you got a plan B?
  2. Third time lucky? Not really! After updating, the first two shut downs were fine - Third & subsequent times, the problem cropped up again. I've also installed UPHClean, & it doesn't make any difference whatsoever - the problem's still there. I'm more convinced than ever, with everybody else's comments, that the problem is a bug in the programme itself.
  3. Yes, I've just updated to the latest free SAS, & I've shut the computer down twice, without it happening. Let's see what happens in the future! Incidentally, one of the shutdowns was after SAS had found 4 adware tracking cookies, & told me that I must reboot to remove them. I checked up on previous updates, & found that the update to v4.21.1004 (4th september 2008) contained the following:- "reboot when cookies are detected in certain cases resolved, reboot is no longer required". I beg to differ! Reboot is most certainly required on about half of the scans that I do. (each scan contains tracking cookies, but only half need a reboot)
  4. Sometimes it shuts down normally, on its own. Other times the problem occurs. It's not consistent.
  5. This problem seems to keep cropping up, with no definitive answer, so lets try again :- I've got SAS free, and also running Avast antivirus on the computer. When I am shutting down the computer, a box comes up showing SAS details, & saying "ending programme, please wait" I then have to wait for it to end (usually just a few seconds) This is not a great inconvenience, but it should just not happen. I have found in the past, when something like this has happened (It was a known bug in Microsoft office 2003, & a simple update cured it)that it was the fault of the programme, not the computer. Can you confirm that the problem is definitely not with SAS, or do you suggest that it might be Avast causing the problems. What I really need is instructions on how to fix the problem. Thank you, in advance.
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