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  1. Ah ok. Anyway, that's when the updater hangs for around 30 secs and uses 100% CPU and increasing memory.
  2. I'm running the free SAS and i find it a real pain to update the program. The reason is this: The program is taking a long time to update and it's using alot of CPU/memory when doing so. These are the steps the program takes: Step 1: ''Searching for updates'' - No special CPU usage here, or memory for that matter Step 2: ''Downloading the update'' - nothing special here either Step 3: ''Searching for updates'' . I don't know why the program have to search for updates after downloading it allready, but here's where the problems starts. It hangs for a while, and CPU spikes to 100% and memory up to 120MB(!). Overall time to update is ~2 mins. PC specs (running SAS on 2 computers, same behaviour on both): 2 ghz CPU, 2 GB ram, win XP SP3 Should be plenty enough to run a program like this. Any feedback? Thanks.
  3. SuperAntiSpyware does not protect against viruses, so yes you need other protection aswell. Though if you use SAS Pro and other realtime malware scanners (pretty sure Nod32 has one for example), i suggest disabling one of them, as 2 realtime malware protectionprograms isn't recommended. Nod32 and SAS free on the other hand, works fine without problems.
  4. https://forums.superantispyware.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2288 Win XP SP3 seems to be the problem, because i'm fairly sure that i had no problems with SP2.
  5. Avira free and Comodo. I'e used ZA Firewall before, and the same thing happened. Might be Avira blocking it, but i'm not sure.
  6. I have SAS free installed on 2 pc's and i have the same problem on both. Every time i'm rebooting/shutting down, i get a window popup telling me that ''SuperAntiSpyware.exe is not responding''. This has been happening for as long as i can remember now. It's not a huge problem, but i guess it's a bug and hopefully it'll get fixed. SuperAntiSpyware version: 4.23.1006 OS: Win XP Home
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