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  1. READ this FAQ, it has the instructions and alternate installers. https://www.superantispyware.com/suppor ... tml?faq=71 Umm frankly that page stinks and the alternate installers don' t work. There are almost NO instructions either--saying "here use this" is not insruction, particularly if you can't even get them to download correctly because the malware changes the downloads into a non-executable form-- ALL downloads. it has been splitting the files apart into 2 files, naming one with a .part.exe and making the main file a non-win32 executable. Essentially shutting off the ability to use any alternate installers or any new downloaded software in general...
  2. Anyone know anything about the Spyware Guard 2008 malware? It is now preventing my computer from downloading anything.. I mean any kind of exe. file so I can't download and install ANY adware, spyware, virus checker. SAS will download to my desktop but it is not executable: States: "not a valid Win32 application" to every single thing I try to download and install--even Google Earth. AND--per your advice, changing the name of the file does nothing... I have even tried to "Save As" before the download starts to limit some of the paper trail. HELP! Looking like I need to wipe my hard drive and start over...
  3. I downloaded the installer and it is saved to my desktop. The problem is, it saved 2 different files to my desktop, one called Superantispyware Pro, the other called superantispywarepro.exe.part The problem here is neither one will execute. I get an error message stating that they are not valid Win32 applications. Help please!! I have the terrible Spyware Guard 2008 trojan and I can't get rid of it. I have used the Spyhunter software which recognizes it clearly, attempts to remove it, but upon restart it is fully reinstalled. Manual removal of this is just about impossible/ The files ALL return immediately and I continue to get pop-ups within seconds after deleting the files and registry items... Any info is greatly appreciated..
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