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  1. I have the professional lifetime addition. I did receive my updates twice today since my last post. And I have the SuperAdBlocker. Thats a must have for anyone who is tired of all the sponsored ads and advertisements. SuperAdBlocker actually prevents it all. I am amazed. And you can optionally choose which sites not to block ads. Doesn't get any better. When I google, there are no sponsored ads.
  2. I will sit tight because you say so. But I would assume the viral geeks out there do not take holidays. I like to see daily updates so I know the troops are protecting my out of control web surfing. Thanks for the encouragement.
  3. My SuperAntiSpyware hasn't updated since 1/2/09. Is this correct? Should I be alarmed
  4. I love the software, but why doesn't it update automatically without need of permission. Currently, I have to manually update or my computer will be at a stand still until I allow it. You know how many hours can go by before I return back to my computer. Anything that is preprogrammed will be delayed because of this. As for SuperAntiSpyware, no problems to date. A real winner! I have McAfee, and a trial version of A-Squared installed on my Windows Vista home basic 32bit, Inspiron 531s
  5. I purchased SuperAdBlocker a week or so ago and I have to tell you it works excellent. All those annoying popup advertisements and such are no more. What I don't like about it though is it needs your permission to update. Go figure! They also have this new free software that'll eliminate all the false advertisements (forget what the name is) you see lined up on the side of a page. Problem with it is it didn't allow me to connect to the internet. I never inquired about it though. I just uninstalled it and moved on.
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