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  1. First of all. Bootsafe doesn't work. Choosing safe reboot ends in a normal boot of Vista. Second. Holding down F8 while booting brings Vista into safe mode, but the problem mentioned remains. A spyware program is detected, the program runs until it enters the prefetch folder and then turns into non-responding mode. If next is pushed right after the spyware program is detected, it turns into non-responding mode immediately. I've scanned the disk folder by folder (tedious), isolated the problem and removed the spyware downloader (Gen/A). I also noticed that I'm left only three restore points (all stemming from last night). This of course does not have to be related, but could be. I'm now rerunning SAS to see if it also freezes with the threat removed. After all, it might be just a bug in SAS.
  2. Oh. I can only fix the frozen program by restarting the computer....
  3. Hi I'm running Vista, and I was so impressed by SAS performance that I bought a lifetime subscription. Not for long that is. Now I run SAS and it freezes everytime. First, it froze on windows prefetch, so I cleaned that directory. Then it froze on temporary internet explorer files, so I cleaned THAT directory. Now I've tried immediately after it found the first Trojan to click through next. Then it freezes again. I will go and try reinstalling SAS, but I have little hope that it will work. Nonetheless, there IS a trojan downloader on my system. What to do?
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