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  1. First of all I am an owner and a believer in this product. It has consistently cleared many viruses than other products. I have a question about This product VS AVG. Does SuperAnti Spyware take the place of AVG or work in addition too? I mean, if I put this product into commission should I stop AVG or continue to run it as well? Thanks J
  2. johncesta

    Portable version?

    How much is the tech license and is it on your site? Thanks J
  3. I have a question? Why aren't all the problems caught on the first scan? I have run and rerun SAS in safe mode etc and each time it finds more and more problems? I have used this product successfully in the past and I think it's a great product. Today I have a client that got the spy guard 2008 stuff and I've run and rerun various programs to remove it. Thanks. John
  4. johncesta

    Downloading SAS to USB device

    Is there any way to install SAS to a usb and get the definitions? Sometimes I can't get a spyware program loaded I need to run from a USB J