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  1. Thanks a lot, siliconman01. I have noticed the account behavior and wondered if it would be changed someday. But it wasn't a deal-breaker for us because we set up SAS with updates and preferences prior to creating the default user profile. So it carries over nicely to every user created afterward. I look forward to seeing the new version whenever it becomes available. I'm not in a particular hurry but the screen shots of the new interface look very nice.
  2. Thanks for your quick response. We are running the most recent version and DEP is already set as you suggest, but we had not recently tried setting the built-in option to auto-start with Windows. Re-enabled that option and tested it on my desktop PC... Behold! Just as you indicated, there it is! Will it also work now from Vista Basic without getting blocked at boot-up? I don't have access to this machine without going to the lady's home. Thanks a lot!
  3. I'm the laptop repair guy for our college campus and we've been enjoying SAS Pro protection for a couple of years. We recently made the jump from WinXP to Win7 and found that, in order to properly run SAS it needed to be started via the task scheduler with highest privileges. We started using it this way because SAS gets blocked at startup when enabling it to start with Windows 7 from within the program itself. It shows up in the “System Tray” as a blocked program and the user must click on it to allow it to run, assuming they notice that it’s there and know that it’s a desirable program. So now in order for it to run with highest privileges we have turned off the option in the program to start with Windows, and are starting SAS via the Task Scheduler, giving it highest privileges. This has worked fine for some time. Now we’re having an issue with SAS no longer running at user login on Win7 (which is what the trigger was for starting SAS). I have noticed that SAS wasn’t running on a couple of machines, and upon further investigation it hasn’t been running in quite some time – apparently about 5 months, as I had outstanding SAS updates on my desktop PC from May of this year! My desktop is a 64bit Win7 system and the other systems we discovered with non-starting scheduled SAS tasks are 32bit Win7 systems. I can no longer even begin running the task from the open Task Scheduler window on any of these machines. We use Avira Pro as our antivirus, and I've never seen a conflict with it in the past. I also have personal customers in the same position - one in particular has Vista Home Basic (32bit, naturally) and SAS gets blocked at startup, and her scheduled task no longer starts SAS, although it used to. She has Microsoft Security Essentials as her antivirus, and I've never seen a conflict with it in the past. Are you aware of this problem, and is there a work-around for it? I wonder if a Windows Update broke something, which sometimes happens; but the main point is that we need it to auto-start with highest privileges. I can't quite make myself believe that we're the only people noticing this particular behavior, so hopefully it's being looked at. Thanks!
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