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  1. Malwarebytes is suppose to remove it or at least disable it. Download, install and update before scanning. http://www.malwarebytes.org/
  2. 4.23.1006 is the old version of SAS. Update the program to 4.24.1004.
  3. The infection is called "Adware.Cinmus.25600". This can be uninstalled with Spyware Doctor Starter Edition available for free in the Google Pack. There is an older version of Spyware Doctor Starter Edition that may work without installing the additional Google Pack software. Here is some information http://www.pctools.com/mrc/infections/id/Adware.Cinmus/ http://research.sunbelt-software.com/th ... atid=93602 http://www.spywareremove.com/removeAdwareCinmus.html Google Pack (latest Spyware Doctor) http://pack.google.com/intl/en/pack_installer.html Maybe try Spyware Doctor Starter Edition direct from the link below, the download is older version but update may or may not update to latest version but I suggest trying this version first as it doesn't require Google pack. the Starter Edition is required as the full version doesn't remove infections, it only detects them. Spyware Doctor Starter Edition download http://www.download.com/Spyware-Doctor- ... 04508.html
  4. Yes it shouldn't take that long at all. Maybe reboot the PC or reinstall the program uninstalling it with the uninstaller program and reinstall it.
  5. That seems to happen if you have an older version of the program, especially with the latest updates. The current version of the program is 4.24.1004.
  6. 1) In Task Manager try to start the process- explorer.exe See what happens 2) How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows XP http://support.microsoft.com/default.as ... -us;310353 To help troubleshoot error messages or other issues when you cannot determine the cause of the issue, disable common startup programs, settings, and drivers to eliminate possible software conflicts when you start Microsoft Windows XP. This procedure is known as "clean booting." (Can be done by way of Windows Safe-Mode, if normal Windows does not work) A Description of the Safe Mode Boot Options in Windows XP http://support.microsoft.com/default.as ... duct=winxp logon as Administrator, but where it says RESTART, restart into normal Windows.) 3) How to perform advanced clean-boot troubleshooting in Windows XP http://support.microsoft.com/default.as ... -us;316434 4) To find out what each Startup(or Process) item does or means, and any recommendation as to if you should close the process: Task List Programs http://www.answersthatwork.com/Tasklist ... sklist.htm
  7. Run both SAS and Malwarebytes on all user accounts. Download Malwarebytes here and get updates before scanning. http://www.malwarebytes.org/
  8. There is a newer version of CCleaner with some fixes. http://majorgeeks.com/CCleaner_Slim_No_ ... d4191.html
  9. You won't see the icon unless SAS starts when Windows starts. Showing the splash screen or not shouldn't make a difference. If SAS starts when Windows and it shows the tray icon then the control panel shouldn't show.
  10. It doesn't have to start when Windows starts but some infections may keep it from starting once the PC is infected so it's best to have SAS start when Windows starts in case of this type of infection. As for the system tray icon, if there is no system tray icon then the control panel will appear when the program starts. So to use SAS to scan an infected system it's best to have already running before infection and to keep the control panel from appearing when the program starts, the system tray icon must be enabled. If the system has limited resources you may want to keep SAS from starting when Windows starts so it isn't running.
  11. If SAS starts when Windows starts then it should be possible to run if the system becomes infected. If it's not running at the time it might not be possible to start SAS after an infection that prevents it from starting. So it is best to have SAS start when Windows starts. You must have the "Show SAS icon in system tray" checked to keep the control panel from showing at start. Then you should have a tray icon but no control panel until you click the SAS icon. It should be alright to have the splash screen show at start up and can be checked.
  12. Try booting the PC in safe mode and running SAS with the PC running in safe mode. http://www.superadblocker.com/bootsafe.html https://www.superantispyware.com/WebHelp ... _Mode_.htm
  13. h2eau

    Some people claim even using the Norton uninstaller that Norton leaves too much behind and causes conflicts and slowdowns in their systems. If you haven't uninstalled Norton with the Norton uninstaller program Revo Uninstaller is suppose to clean up all traces but it may only work when Norton is still installed. http://www.revouninstaller.com/ The firewall with the least conflict seems to be Zone Alarm 7 not 8. To prevent update to version 8, after installing larm 7 go to Preferences and change check for updates from Automatically to Manually. I'm not a big fan of PC Tools but the PC Tools firewall is easy to use. I think you'll find your PC much faster without the Norton security and it can be just as secure. Zone Alarm 7 http://filehippo.com/download_zonealarm_free/4386/
  14. Try Advanced System Care. Check for updates and use all of it's tools. Stay connected to the internet. The feed back should flag it and have an option to remove it. http://www.iobit.com/ http://www.iobit.com/advancedwindowscar ... r=download
  15. h2eau

    As for replacing Yahoo messenger it may not be that critical and I forget what functions don't work in Trillian and Pidgin. I think no video chat in Pidgin and maybe not Trillian. I forgot about checking Yahoo email from messenger. I forget how old Yahoo messenger has to go to get rid of the pop up adds. It may be okay to leave Yahoo messenger. Viewpoint Media Player comes from AOL and usually with AOL messenger but it's not required for AOL messenger. AOL messenger is worse than Yahoo messenger. On a side note I changed network cards on one PC and now it starts whenever the router is on. I have tried to cchange some settings but maybe there are more settings to change.
  16. h2eau

    AVG is very slow to scan. Avast is faster. The free version of Avast will not scan automatically, only manually when you choose. Which works out better for me and it does protect all of the time. Getting rid of Norton Internet security will get rid of the Norton firewall. Zone Alarm 7 works well. The newer Zone Alarm 8 has some conflict problems and is best avoided. You can download Zone Alarm 7 here http://filehippo.com/download_zonealarm_free/4386/
  17. h2eau

    To get rid of the old Java entries try JavaRa, http://raproducts.org/ http://sourceforge.net/project/download ... irror=osdn You may want to remove Viewpoint Media Player. Use Viewpoint Killer http://prprogramsstudios.us.tc/ http://prm753.bchea.org/viewpointkiller.zip Yahoo Messenger can cause some problems. Especially the newer versions. You can replace it with an older version or even better ise Trillian or Pidgin. Older versions YM http://filehippo.com/download_yahoo_messenger/ Trillian ( uncheck the toolbar as it includes a lot of adware) http://filehippo.com/download_trillian/ Pidgin (not as refined as Trillian but no adware) http://filehippo.com/download_pidgin/ Norton has kept up their business products but their home / personal products have fallen way behind. You should rethink a different antivirus program. AVG 8 is good and easy to use. The free version doesn't include anti-rootkit. It can have some program conflicts but not often. I used to have issues with Avast and false positives but they seemed to have that under control now. Avast has anti-rootkit in the free version. The control panel isn't as easy to use as AVG. The only difference in a full install and a minimal install is the control panel. The minimal install seems to have a better control pane. The full install has a "car radio" type control panel. Around New Years the next version of Avast is due. I have switched from AVG to Avast because of better updating, free anti-rootkit. They both include anti-spyware. Uninstall Norton http://service1.symantec.com/Support/ts ... 3108162039 http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/Unin ... Tool.shtml AVG download http://filehippo.com/download_avg_antivirus/ or Avast download http://filehippo.com/download_avast_antivirus/ The strongest and safest registry cleaner I've found is AML 4.13 http://www.brothersoft.com/aml-free-reg ... 72827.html When updating Acrobat reader from 7 to 9 it's best to uninstall the older version first instead of updating to the newer version. An update will leave the folder for the older version.
  18. Go to Preferences and tick or check "Show SUPERAntiSpyware icon in system tray". Or if it's the free version you can uncheck "Start SUPERAntiSpyware when Windows starts" ubstead. This keep auto updates from updating until you start SUPERAntiSpyware though.
  19. Did you install the latest version on the second install? The latest version is newer than 2 weeks old.
  20. I don't have a blue ray player but a quick search of the internet seems to indicate that there are different types of sound on the disks and the Dark Knight DVD 's sound is not properly recognized. A few websites say to change the type of audio on the DVD player manually.
  21. On another computer you can download and burn the Dr Web live CD. Dr web live CD webpage http://www.freedrweb.com/livecd/ English instructions PDF ftp://ftp.drweb.com/pub/drweb/livecd/LiveCD-en.pdf Dr Web live CD iso download ftp://ftp.drweb.com/pub/drweb/livecd/mi ... 811190.iso A larger download but a good live antivirus CD is Bitdefender 2008. Bitdefender 2008 live CD download http://download.bitdefender.com/rescue_ ... 8_2008.iso some instructions http://kb.bitdefender.com/KB417-en--Usi ... ue-CD.html how to update the live CD http://kb.bitdefender.com/KB101-en--Upd ... nder..html
  22. My friend had the same problem with a similar infection. The only antimalware program he could install and the only antimalware website he could get was Malwarebytes. He wanted to use a scanner from the internet but the infection wouldn't allow it. http://www.malwarebytes.org/ http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-An ... tag=button Malwarebytes removed the infection. There are some things I don't like about Malwarebytes. It once flag a PDF file I had as infected when it had an Asian name. I changed the name of the PDF to English with English letters and it's no longer flagged as infected. That tells me the program is going by file names not code. Doesn't sound best to me but it can help with some infections.
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