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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I did as Robin suggested and changed the file name, which allowed it to load correctly. It found almost 800 infected items that it quarantined and removed. Just in case, I then ran the Malwarebytes program. There were another 29 items found. It seems to be running fine now, if maybe a little slower than usual. I am by no means a computer expert... is there some sort of additional scan you would recommend? I now have my normal McAfee software running, and SAS installed. Thank you again for your help! You saved me from having to pay $300 at Best Buy.
  2. I am currently in malware hell, and it sounds like what you've been describing here. It happened to both my home pc and my work laptop, both of which I was using Sunday on Facebook. (Not sure how... I don't remember clicking any links.) My laptop is being reimaged, but it's my home pc that is out of control. I have popups for both Antivirus 2009 and Spyware Guard 2008. Whenever I try to visit a site to download programs for removal, I'm redirected to their own bs antivirus sites. My latest attempt has been to download the programs on another computer, and copy them to the infected pc. The executable files copy correctly, but none of them will open. I've tried Malwarebytes Anti-malware, STOPzilla, and now SAS. Any help on how to get these files to open and exectute??
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