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  1. HI, Actually from the infected system, I am not able to access your website. It is blocking, you I can't use the diagnose tool which is available while creating a ticket. Even i tried to access malwarebytes website and its blocking that as well.. But if I try to access yahoo or anyother website it works fine. I tried to start the system in safe mode and even that fails with dbdmp. I downloaded malwarebytes and tried to install in the infected pc. But its not even installing. No error no warning. Just fails. So is there any other option guys. And since my cd drive doesnt work I wont be able to re-install the os as well. Totally stuck. Thanks
  2. Hi, I was finally successful in installing the SuperAntiSpyware in Windows XP. Now when I start it its not able to get the latest updates from the web. After I ignore that and scan the computer, I got almost 55 viruses in the system (dont know what my MCAFee was doing all these days). Now When I click the Next button which does Quarantining and Removing items, the progress bar goes upto 100% and then hangs. I tried atleast 7 times from yesterday without any success. Can some one help me on this? I still have Spyware Guard 2008 (spy virus) still running which is ruining my time and system. I installed SuperAntiSypyware on hopes that it will remove this damn spyware guard but in vain. Any ideas on how to remove it and make the Antispyware work. Thanks Sathish
  3. Hi, I am trying to install SuperAntiSpyware.exe in Windows XP. After few seconds it says that windows encountered problem and asks do you want to report to microsoft about this? My system got infected with something called Spyware Guard 2008 and I am having tough time with it. Can anyone let me know how to remove this using SuperAntiSpyware? Thanks raam
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