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  1. I have been doing things online now for about 10 years and only a few times have i ever incountered anything bad getting on my system but the few times it did spybot or adaware took care of it. Well a few days ago my computer was overwhelmed with 40 differant spyware adware trogens etc i did not sleep for 3 days trying to fix my computer one of the worst things about all this my system keept rebooting over and over right after startup so i could not even get into the system for more than 10 seconds then all windows would reboot and dissapear as a last resort i was able to open firefox and i rembered helpmerick talked about superantispyware so i was barley able to download it and start it but after just 2 scans superantispyware got rid of everything and now i have my computer back this is so nice since i dont have an install disk i would had been in deep trouble So i just want to say thank you all so much for providing this software for free I feel so much better now that i have my computer back I AM KEEPING SUPERANTISPYWARE ITS JUST WONDERFUL.
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