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  1. Thanks. Thought as much. Ill make do with just MBAM. Ian
  2. I should have asked why can't SAS be like MBAM. I have the full version of MBAM that I run without the real-time guard but with scheduled scans and updates. There is no MBAM icon on show. Can I do this with the pro version of SAS - no real-time guard and scheduled scans with no Spider on show? Ian
  3. With show the icon unchecked SAS starts maximized and not hidden. Is this right? Ian
  4. I would like to schedule scans every 4 weeks as opposed to every week but this isn't possible at the moment. 1. Will it become an option? 2. If I'm running the SAS realtime does it really matter if I don't scan provided I do a full scan upon installation? Thanks, Ian
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