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  1. I'm way ahead of you there sir. Thanks again.
  2. I am about 99.9% sure that what SUPERAntiSpy said is correct.
  3. J4CK4L

    Okay, I don't know how much you really care about what I am going to say here but I am sorry I just have to spit it out. Now, no offense to you "AdvancedSetup" but "WOW!" is what I thought when I read that post of yours. I read that post and thought to myself: "Self, just look at that person. That person is someone whom has ALOT to hide. He must either have a boat-load illegal stuff on his computer or SOMETHING really bad to even be worrying about that kind of thing." Correct meif I am wrong but for someone to consider themselves highly technical enough to name themself "AdvanceSetup" wouldn't one tend to think that the person naming themself that wouldn't have to worry about an anti-spyware program snooping through his computer? No, forget that. But wouldn't "AdvancedSetup" be advanced enough to keep personal things that he didn't want to be compromised on the internet in any way, shape or form at least be wise enough to store all of that media, data, etc. on a separate removable drive and have a really good registry history cleaner cleanup the registry before uploading any such findings to SAS or anyone else that asks for this type of data? These people here are NOT trying to snoop through your PC. If they wanted to do that they could have secretly included a hidden "VNC" or some other type of remote viewer and just programmed it right into their software. So get a grip, loosen up and relax. I can assure you that they are here for one purpose and one purpose only - TO HELP, NOT HURT, YOU! Like I said in the beginning, I am not trying to offend you so please don't take it in that way. Just trying to maybe shed a new light in your direction. Thank-you all for reading and thanks for your time. Mike aka "BigPapaJackaL" to all my little guys
  4. Hi Everybody, My name is Mike and I am a 38 year old guy from Akron, Ohio. Glad to be aboard the forums, hope I can contribute good information to you in the future. So far I have used SuperAntiSpyware about 10 times (in a course of about a month) and it has worked very well for me. It really has really saved me alot of troubleshooting time since prior to using it I would unhide everything on a drive, boot into safe mode then start manually going through the OS looking for the culprits of the problem. I had my very first vicious attack on my own PC today, (with the 'ol disapearring desktop icons, taskbar and start menu along with anything you're trying to access just shuts down and closes up the minute you access it) but thankfully I had this program sitting alone by itself on a 2GB thumb I have on my shelf here so I just plugged it in and let SuperAntiSpyware run its course. Hell, I didn't even run an update prior to the quick scan and the bad-ass SuperAntiSpyware found and fixed the problems like nobody's business. I must admit, I was a Spybot fan for awhile but once I was working on a machine and spybot didn't find any problems; then I ran SuperAntiSpyware and it found 17 items that spybot overlooked, -without checking for updates first- (not that I recommend never updating it, that would be obsurd) so from then on I use SAS the first time and so far its been a beast. So, at any rate I want to THANK THE CREATORS OF THIS VERY NICE PROGRAM AND I WILL VERY LIKELY BE BUYING THE PRO VERSION IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE PROVIDING IT KEEPS WORKING SO WELL. GOOD JOB GUYS YOU HAVE SAVED ME ALOT OF TIME AND BS! YOU ARE MUCH APPRECIATED, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ======================= Mike from Akron, Ohio
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