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  1. I had the same problem when i had shut down the computer as i could not manually shut the scan down i didnt even get the the Emachine part i just had a black screen and a orange light on the moniter. and when i do eventually get to the emahicne screen it gets locked i dont know weither ppl think this SAS is good but my personal opinion is it's quite crap to be perfrectally honest. i would be more than happy to remove it from my computer but then its going out and buying a new proctection and anitaspyware and i haven't really got the money to do so any sugestions Hannah-Lou
  2. ok so everyday i have superanit spyware kick in 2 do a scan. and when it kicks in i try and close it and it doesnt work, so i let it scan about 30mins in it hasent scanned for anything. Shall i just let it carry on butits slowing my computer downdramitacally and its annoying, i just dont understand why that it wont scan anything and wont even let me close the program i completely have to hold the power swith on my pc for it to shut down Can anyone help and tell me if they have had the same problem Thanks Hannah-Lou
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