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    Startup permission Vista

    Unchecked SuperAntiSpyware.exe, SSUpdate.exe was not checked, left it that way. rebooted. Still blocked. Thanks for trying. (sincere thanks not a snide thanks) siliconman01, Thanks, I'll give the Norton tool a try.
  2. OldGuy

    Startup permission Vista

    There was no check mark so I checked it.
  3. OldGuy

    Startup permission Vista

    Yes there is. I checked it and rebooted. No Joy, it still blocked it.
  4. OldGuy

    Startup permission Vista

    Unfortunately, that did not work for me. Upon restart it was still blocked. I started it and went to preferences and the security center option was still unchecked. In reply to SUPERAntispy: No, I hadn't changed any permissions. After this installation, I checked the properties of SUPERAntiSpyware.exe. The SYSTEM and Administrators accounts had full control. The Admin account that I log on with was not listed. I added it with full control. No Joy (sigh!). Not knowing that much about permissions I hesitate to play too much. Although my log on account has full control, it shows and the SYSTEM is the Owner. Should I change either of these? Thanks for your help so far
  5. Am running Vista SP1 Home Premium, administrator account, UAC active. On system startup, Windows blocks SuperAntiSpyware.exe from starting up. I tried uninstalling the previous version with SASUNINST.EXE, rebooting and installing version 4.22.1014 to no avail. I have tried the forum search for a resolution but apparently did not use the proper terminology. Any help would be appreciated.