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  1. Fair enough. That's a really good point.
  2. It's not so much they are copying you, or you them. It's just some of the things come off as very un-professional. or even 'cheesy' Like this ad, it looks like something someone whipped up in 5 minutes, and just gives an impression that it's a scam. I'd expect to see this ad for 'honest bobs used cars'. [attachment=0]screenshot_03.png[/attachment] I don't know all the answers. But myself, I'd start marketting SUPERAntiSpyware as just "S.A.S" or something. Maybe a bad idea. But for sure, update the logo and get some better quality ads
  3. Guys. I gotta say. SAS saved my bacon, and it's fixed so many other computers that nothing else could even touch, I really have to thank you. But good grief. I have such a hard time getting other computer geeks to even download it. Your website sets off ALL the "boy this looks like a scam" radar detectors in everyone I show it. I literally have to "no no, I ASSURE you it's not malware" Some people try it out, but they sandbox it first, no one trusts it. Your website, the bright yellow, "OMG ONE DAY SALE" and hell.. even the name. I mean I wouldn't have downloaded it without recommendations from a forum I trust. I suppose this not trusting it might be a good thing in one respect, it does mean people take precautions they probably should be taking with everything anyway. But it's gotta be holding growth!
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