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  1. i got hit bad with this bug...my wife and i have spent nearly three days trying to get it down. using the alternat start for SAS seemed to work and once scanned will pick up most of the trojans, rootkits and generators as well as some adware. We couldn't even do a dell pc restore since it disables the keyboard and mouse upon boot up. Also it took out folder options so you couldn't get access to any hidden system folders to manually delete it. Also it redirects any searches to various "no name" sites that get you nowhere or just get the default IE page for unavailability. I never saw anything like this and want to personally have 5 minutes alone with the creator of this malware. i'm still picking up adware and rootkits so the root file is still there...i'm to the point where i'm just trying to do my pc restore. But give SAS some credit, they are doing everything they can to keep up with this. Bless you REZMAN1984!
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