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  1. Glad to hear the good news feroz. I had the same problem and it seems that after downloading the definitions update on Dec. 5, 2008 and running SAS the problem went away. After running those definitions I got the usual messages from SAS that there was the vundo and trojan fake alert but after removing with SAS they did not come back on the reboot as they usually do. Please keep us posted as to your continued success. I will do so also. I still am getting messages on reboot from the operating system telling me that it cannot find certain files to start them namely vivodiha.dll, dewukobe.dll and keminazo.dll. I wish someone could tell me how to stop my computer from trying to start these every time I reboot. It seems to be more of an annoyance now since SAS removed them when this problem started. Obviously this piece of spyware created several attacking files. Anyway, I am very happy to see that when I ran SAS last night the vundo and fake alert was gone. Thank you Pandato for helping feroz and us all to get rid of this terrible threat. I recommend SAS every time spyware progams come up in conversation. thanks, mrmorse
  2. I am relatively unfamiliar with the workings of computers and was wondering if anyone knows how to see what programs or files are being started upon booting up. It seems there is a program that resides silently until startup and then starts various malware which produces the adware-vundo and trojan-fake alert on my computer. Would this program show up in some sort of start menu and how do I access it to look for suspicious files? I am still trying to get rid of this garbage. I ran SAS in safe mode, it sees the malware, erases it which necessitates rebooting to erase it completely and then upon rebooting the malware files regenerate and come right back. any info or ideas will be most welcome Thanks
  3. Just to let you know, you are not the only one that is having this problem. This horrible little piece of malware came on to my computer on November 26, 2008. I am getting similar results and the same trojan.fake-alert file coming up. Other files that have come up and that have been deleted by superantispyware are keminazo.dll and vivodiha.dll. Now every time I start my computer a little box pops up and says that those files cannot be found. It appears that there is a program that upon start up looks for and trys to activate those programs but can not find them because they have been deleted. My guess is that this same hidden program is activating or reproducing other programs as well and this is why you are getting the same spyware or malware files coming back even though they are detected and repeatedly deleted whenever you run superantispyware. The problem seems to be that the hidden program is currently unknown to superantispyware. I say this as a novice, I know very little about malware other than the fact that I need to get rid of this and get my computer back. What may be of help is to let you know that after I ran the "find out what is running on your computer" option in superantispyware which sends you to the file research center there were a number of files that came up as not identified. Within that group what looked suspicious to me were 2 files, namely bewukobe.dll and degukime.dll. Does anyone know anything about these files? Are they good guys that we need or are they malware? Any info on this problem will be appreciated. Thanks all.
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