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  1. Success at last last night i downloaded the latest version of SAS. in my earlier tries it was not downloading the latest definitions. SAS provided a new link along with my problem ticket which helped me download the latest definitions. now i think my computer is virus/spyware free. I will test it for another day and keep you all posted. well i can say now "IT WORKED" Feroz
  2. i opened a ticket with the support group and got a mail asking to collect some diagnostics. Today i ran that program and sent the diagnostics. i will wait for the response and keep u posted. The problem still exists and it is annoying. Feroz
  3. i downloaded SAS pro trial version and ran the scan in safe mode. Today when i tested it, SAS displays an alert, but still the ad window comes up. this is exactly what was happening with Mcafee suite too. i heard a lot of good thing about SAS but unfortunately this is not working for me. are there any steps i am missing? Thanks Feroz
  4. Hello, Yesterday i noticed that while opening internet explorer, for every click there was a new window opening and asking me to scan the computer, or opening an ad page. i have mcafee installed and it recognizes the issue and says trojan detected and quarentined, but i still get the same problem. yesterday i installed SAS and ran a scan it displayed close to 5 items that are either adware or trojan related. i followd the steps and removed them but again whne i reboot, i still have the same problem. i have scanned the computer multiple times and everytime i see a list of items that are supposed to be removed and i remove them. this is the latest list i got adware.tracking cookie [5 items] adware.vundo variant [7 items] adware.vundo variant/Rel [5 items] trojan.Fake-Alert/trace [1 item] after removing them there is a big log created. but after i reboot i run into same issue. is there a solution to clean this? i installed professional edtion too but no luck yet. i appreciate your help let me know if you need more info. Thanks Feroz
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