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  1. I have the newest AVG 8 and it detects superantispyware as a virus if I open it manually. It DID ask before rebooting, I just clicked yes because I thought it would save before rebooting. I then realized that it would be a good idea to save the documents so I went to "Save as", checked that the name was correct and then proceeded to press save. The program came up with an error. I don't know whether it was Word's error or SAS' but the title was WARNING! and it "CANNOT OPEN" And then before I could press save, I had to click ok at the message AND then it rebooted. It doesn't matter anymore, I remembered most of the text so it took about one hour to redo it . The reason to why it took so long the first time, was that I had to look up a lot of grammar. (It was in German.)
  2. For some reason, your program didn't save my documents, now I have to redo 3 hours of work in Excel and Word. Is there any way to recover the files? I know it wasn't smart that I didn't save all the time but it sure as hell would have been smarter if you saved the open documents, BEFORE SHUTTING DOWN! I hate redoing things I've already done, so I hope you have a solution. AVG also detects your program as a virus, don't support that by deleting peoples documents, please.
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