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  1. but if I have the version free is not there the protection in correct real time? if there pits a spyware in the dvd, installed once the game you/he/she should also be installed again the spyware and therefore to work the game. it is not possible that installing antispyware is changed something in the formulations of the system that it doesn't allow the operation of the games on the pc?
  2. HI! Antispyware has found and eliminated troyan but me I have installed again the game and it is impossible that there is a virus in an original dvd of a game.
  3. Hi! I have XP and ,from when I have installed SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition, the games that I had installed on the pc don't depart anymore. The games are all original ones and I have regularly played there without problems up to a little while ago. Some don't depart really after few second of loading, while with others, almost arrived at the end of the setup, best man an error message: "impossible to find the file in the file cab "bgh1.cab."error of net, of reading from the cd-rom oror a problem with this packet" or: " error 1335. the cabinet file "gives.cab" required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used." I have the tendency to specify that the Dvds are intact without scratches or imperfections, since I always play with the copy done by me, and that I have tried to disinstallare and to install more times the games with the original copy without success. Could you help to resolve me the problem? I'm an Italian and sorry for my Bad,Bad,Bad...English
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