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  1. Yes! Yes! Scan log does not show what it did. Didn't it used to? ...or am I thinking Malwarebytes? Also.....in quarantine, please show date when and from which folder a quarantined item was found. It does not show on some items and having to go back and forth against the scan log and quarantine list is an awkward pain when working on many-item computers. ...or am I missing something here? Thanks!
  2. Hi, just curious...did they resolve your problems? I suggested SAS for office computers, but we're planning upgrades to Win 7 and as you know...it can be buggy. If they won't honor license...maybe I'll have to re-think that. If you're still out to dry, I would like to know. Thanks! Hope all is well. Tina

  3. Thanks for answering my question, too! Just got Win 7 /64 for Christmas. Is it going to be available? I feel naked!!!
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