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  1. Please note that I did not call your software "crap". I only explained my problem and lack of effective support from SAS. .
  2. Here is what I think: 1) Some people on this forum say your software is crap, but I chose to use it . I wish I had not, because the machine is in endless reboot loop and I am unable to get reasonable support from SAS. 2) I feel that this is not an unusual problem with SAS and there should be guidance to rectify or warn against this issue. 3) See my above posts and references to another forum members' solution. SAS chastised this member for perpetrating bad information on " our products". This members information turned out to repair the problem and SAS was nowhere to be found. 4) This member left the forum and I wish He was still available to help me with my problem. 5) If SAS spent as much effort rectifying this endless loop problem as it did in calling down and educating this previous members suggestions I think I would not have an unusable computer. This problem is because I chose to use your software. 6) I can not expect that SAS can fix everything for free, but I would expect better. 7)I am sure that your software has helped some as evidenced by this forum. I personally would not use the product again or recommend it to anyone because of my experiences. I DO APPRECIATE ALL FORUM MEMBERS WHO HAVE TAKEN TIME OUT TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS.
  3. Hello, I see the tech bulletin states to only use this option if the machine does not use an OEM installed os. The emachine w3050 has OEM installed xp. Do you have any other suggestions that may help if I do not have a slave? I do not have a UBCD that I am aware of, but I do have copies of pebuilder and antivir rescue, although I have never used these before and don't know if they are correct for this application.
  4. What about using pebuilder and antivir rescue to rename and replace corrupted files as recommended by XPsunny on friday July 25th. 2008 Titled "XP goes into endless loop" PAGE 5 this forum? This seemed to work for another user with similiar problems.
  5. I ran SAS to remove AV2009 ,Trojan.dropper/base and Vundo in normal mode(not safe) and after rebooting I am locked in an endless reboot loop where XP and emachine screens alternate. The machine will not start in safe mode or revert to last known working condition. Emachine techs tell me I must reload op sys. Is anyone aware of any alternatives?
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