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  1. Greetings, earlier this week, one of the machines on my network went down with a problem that points to SHELLPAR. first, I am unable to open anything with a desktop icon, left click does nothing and right click brings up the menu, then it disappears before a selection can be made. taskbar icons no longer function, other than that their properties come up whether right or left clicked. same with the Start menu icons. when clicking on Start menu All Programs, the menu comes up, but disappears before I can select a program. I am able to open My Computer from the Start menu and after much screwing around figured out that I need to highlight Local Disk C, then move the cursor to Files, click and hold, then drag the cursor to Open, then release to open. I need to follow this procedure to open any program or file. FUN!! I have updated SAS, run it and run WinCleaner. No Joy. I forgot to mention that I have a new desktop icon named SHELLPAR. As a side note, I have my folders options set to single click to open and show hidden files and folders. the SHELLPAR icon was translucent and after I was able to open it's properties, I unchecked the Hidden box. I have googled SHELLPAR and found some related symptoms, but the latest entry is in 2007. I hesitate to run Hijackthis to kill it. I would prefer to offer my machine to SAS so that you can use it to find a fix for others. please let me know if you are interested and what you need me to do. Regards smilo
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