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  1. Got a customer's machine infected with something. I had removed the hard drive removed for scans with numerous other antivirus/antispyware programs. Upon replacing the hard drive, I installed SAS Pro and initiated a scan with no problems. When I next checked the machine an hour so later, it was unresponsive and appeared to have crashed. I had no choice but to do a hard reset. Now, the computer will not properly load up to the Windows desktop of any profile, even in safe mode. Checking task manager shows that the cause is winlogon.exe running constantly at 100% CPU usage. Unfortunately system restore has been disabled previously, even if I could get it to run. I have tried replacing winlogon.exe and userinit.exe with clean versions from the XP CD. Also tried a repair install of XP and running ReImage, but nothing has any effect. I have even removed the hard drive to be rescanned externally, but nothing is detected. Also tried running ChkDsk, no joy. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks, Robin, I manually installed the update as per your instructions. My firewall was not blocking anything, turned off to check but no difference. I sure hope my Vista customers don't start calling me with this one.
  3. NOD32 is like the least resource intensive antivirus product out there. I recommend and resell it to my customers. NIS 2009 is a big improvement from Symantec but it won't be making an appearance in my workshop just yet.
  4. Well the update has gone through on the XP machine, but it is still not happening on Vista. I have tried morning and night, does not make any difference. It is beginning to get very annoying now.
  5. I have two machines I use for virus removals and have SAS and MBAM running together no problems. MBAM is the paid version with the live protection module. I also have NOD32 and Prevx running on these machines at the same time. Admittedly they run a bit slow, but nothing is going to get past them!
  6. I have today begun seeing a SuperAntiSpyware update pop-up. I get the option to either "download and install updates now" or "continue what I was doing and download later". I click "download and install now", see the Application Update Wizard and click next. I then see the Update Status screen, however nothing is happening there and the Available Updates window is not populated. I can do nothing but click Cancel. I am seeing this on both XP and Vista machines. I am a bit concerned as I am a reseller and fear the phone might start ringing off the hook. Anything I can do?
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