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  1. Just wanted to update the progress. After some advise I turned off system restore & rebooted in safe mode. Ran SAS & then rebooted in normal mode. Ran SAS again & Avast. No problems found. The only thing Avast says is that it cant acess system restore archives sa the system is password protected. I wonder if SAS looks there? Not sure how to fix that but I dont have any symptomes. Thank you all. I just now need to find out how to scan the archives as I really am still not 100% sure I am virus free. It still finds Adware items but I guess you cant go on the net without picking up something. I delete temp files every day & run Avast & SAS at least once per day. Other wise feeling better. Thank you all agaain. Can I cut and paste the link that has the virus so I can send it to the Tech guys so it can be examined? Or will even copy & pasting it infect my PC again? Cheers Chopper
  2. I also wanted to say after reading a previous post in this thread. I don't think people are ignorant of using facebook or myspace WE ARE UNAWARE that there is an issue with it. Till now I have never had a virus becuase I had been careful & used programs like this. It was not from a stranger in facebook it came from a contact I know & their password had been hacked as mine was for clicking on the damn link. I let every one know in my facebook contacts 180+ and everone I could in my email ( using a different PC) that facebook is unsafe & to change their password and not open links unless they are sure that person sent it to them. It is not ingorance, I didnt choose to use facebook knowing it had issues, I simply ( like others) didnt know Facebook was or could be hacked. Just human....Chopper Pilot
  3. Hi all, I am new to the forum & found SAS because of the thread virus I had/have. I got it from facebook and as previously mentioned it was hacked. I got it from a contact of mine in face book & clicked on the link. It is very nasty & it seems was the tojan ZLOB & associated with antivurs 2008/9. It hijacks my pages & if I get close to anything that mentions removing it, the little bugger will take me somewhere unrelated. I did a system restore to the day previous to being infected & all seemed well till I rebooted & installed Win service pack 3. After rebooting & running SAS it was back. Avast system monitor finds it in my system restore files...great. The virus name is different (I have not written it down but I will next time it pops up) It will find it in c:/systemvolumeinformation/systemrestore....and then a heap of numbers & letters after this. Not sure what to do here. If I need the purchased version of SAS I will do that to rid this virus. When avast finds it ( as I scan with SAS) I delete the virus & SAS finds it also then I delete it from there but as soon as i reboot, its found again. What to do?????? The scan just finished and I need to reboot. I will do that & dollars to donuts it will be back again. I have done this several times. all advice appreciated Chopper Pilot Edited here after reboot. During the above scan I shut off Avast resident scanner, thinking it may conflict with SAS. I scan with SAS & I have avast in resident scanning, Avast will find it several times. Shutting it off was a mistake as I finished the scan, the virus locked up my computer & had to force shut down....I wont do that again without advise. I am worried to use my new PC ( first Virus ever BTW) as I read that this virus steals passwords typed also. Man this thing sucks. I am worried that the whole time the pc is on its doing something & it digs itself deeper into my system. I dont want to wipe my hard drive with everything on it as I am a student pilot and I cant afford to lose my info...I cant afford anything but I cant afford to lose this stuff more. If i have to get the full version to rid myself of this nasty virus, I will find the funds. This thing is really annoying. Thanks in advance. I am rescanning and will repost when I have the names of everything it finds. Also, just checked facebook & the person that I got the virus from has sent it to me again. I know its not them but maybe someone wants the link.. would this help? Repost 2. Just ran the system again & in my system volume INFORMATION\_RESTORE{32F56AFB-E782-404C-BAB2-D10191C99F44}\RP42\A0017877.EXE a Win32:Trojan-gen {other} was found by Avast scanner I am going to delete them as usual to get all the names.....it will be back
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