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  1. Have downloaded spyware infected utilities. According to Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS2009) they were infected by the following trojans: Backdoor.win32.bifrose.aerh Trojan.win32.buzus.adcm and KIS desinfected the files. I redownloaded the same files, but ignored KIS2009's warning. I had the files scanned by SAS : no warning, then by Spy Sweeper: no warning then by Ad-Aware Pro 2009: no warning then again by KIS2009 and above malware was still available and KIS rightfully so desinfected the programs. All above programs had the latest definitions. Just wonder why such dedictated antispyware programs are missing the trojans .. ( btw Also SpywareBlaster was installed. I uninstalled Spy Sweeper and Ad-Aware Pro whilst keeping SAS and SpywareBlaster) ==
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