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  1. Certainly in the Pro version there is, it just took a little while for it to work it's way down the pipeline. No problem.
  2. Ah, a little box just popped up and asked if I wanted to update. Incredibly quick and painless!
  3. Thanks. Earlier on I tried to install over-the-top on my second pc (free version) and it seems to have handled the uninstall itself before installing the latest version (as Berny's post). Nice one! I'll wait a few days before hitting the update button again.
  4. Thanks guys. Am I going to need to insert my registration code? Goodness knows where I've kept that!
  5. Hi I'm running SAS with a lifetime licence, version 4.21.1004. I assumed that program updates would be automatic but it seems not. I've tried the update feature within the program but it tells me I'm up-to-date. How do I update to the latest version?
  6. E.g. bad links in Yahoo Answers, e.g. hxxp://answers.related.resolved.yahoo.com.grewungle.com Although I think they may have moved to other URLs. Quite a few getting infected, seems to be getting harder to remove it. Seems to be blocking access to security sites and updates, also seems to be preventing some anti-virus/spyware programs from running.
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