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  1. Hello again - the version is 4.25.1012 And yes I user fast user switching on XP Pro. But only my user is logged on. And only this user has SAS start up when the PC starts.
  2. Hello again. These are my options set. Hmmm I was sure I turned off scheduled scanning because of this, but after a reboot it was on again... [attachment=0]superanti.gif[/attachment]
  3. Hello - Have the professional lifetime edition. Have set SAS to scan once every week. But next time I start SAS after such a scan (same day or weeks later), it comes up with the scanning result window and a "next" button. Pressing the "next" buttion there just starts a new scan on the fly.... should it be like this? It has just scanned my computer. Also if i don't open SAS after such a scan the scheduled scan dont seem to run next week - it seems "stuck" waiting for the "next" button. Strange. Any suggestions? Realtime scan is enabled, scheduled scan is set to run without the user interface. With the user interface the same thing happens, but I dont have to open SAS to see that it has scanned, it is on the screen next time I log on. Pressing "next" here it also starts scanning again...
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