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  1. Hi, The wonderful people here at SuPERANTIspyware have been trying to help me get rid of a virus/trojan that is giving me a message like: "your computer may be at risk. Automatic updates are shut off. click here to turn them on." On the toolbar at the bottom of the page is a red shield with a white x in it. When I hover over this icon, it show "windows security alert." In my system, the automatic updates are on. In earlier stages of this problem, tools, internet options would flash then disappear. I un-installed IE 7 and went back to IE 6...or so i thought. I un-installed IE 7 again and the problem was gone with that part. Also within the control panel i wasn't able to access intenet options there...that is before, when i had IE 7. So I have done the online diagnostic with the group here, a couple of times. I manually get my definiton updates, because something on my laptop is blocking them sometimes. What is this thing that I have? I've been reading around on the net and answers range, but most are calling it a trojan of sorts..."backdoor?" i'm not too familiar. Any ideas? suggestions? other than going insane? Thanks, Sheila
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