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  1. That is a common malware that usually infect removable drives.
  2. Approximately how many items does the Superantispyware database have?
  3. I see, maybe the reason why the "ignore files larger than 4mb" was set as default is because the size of adware/spywares are not larger than that, I mean the spywares and other threats are only inside files up to 4mb. And concerning the "ignore nonexecutable files" option, maybe because threats are not inside nonexecutable files.
  4. Have you ever found any backdoors when you scanned your computer with SUPERANTISPYWARE?
  5. Thanks a lot for the answer. I already fixed the problem by setting this web site as a trusted web site. Sometimes some antivirus programs have false alarms/detections.
  6. I have Avira Premium Security Suite as antivirus. When I try to open the home superantispyware page, it blocks the access, saying that the page has a suspicious code or something like that. I don't know why it happens. And I know this site is 100% trustworthy and safe.
  7. Hi. I have doubts about scanning configuration options. There are two that say "ignore files larger than 4mb" and "ignore nonexecutable files". Should I leave those options checked or unchecked?
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