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  1. Check your hosts file. The only relevant entry is localhost and everything else can be removed. If your hosts file is clean then another possibility is a Rootkit such as Seneka. Here's what I did when I encountered it last month. --> You may want to contact SUPERAntiSpy for a custom diagnostic. Thanks Elitekiller! I followed what you did last month and that got rid of it! Also, those links were very informative, and of course, led me to other links. It's been quite a learning experience. I also ran Anti-Malware and Spybot which got rid of some other stuff. I think my pc is pretty clean now. Cleaned my old pc while I was at it too. I never realized I had so much junk on my system.
  2. I also had "XP AntiSpyware 2009" found on my system, and "AntiVirusPro 2009" too. Both were found by SAS. SAS removed these, but I still have no web access to many security sites like AVG, superantispyware, norton, mcafee, and Microsoft security. I get a "can not find server" msg in both IE and firefox. I also had a few other viruses found on my system over the past week by AVG. So I'm not sure which infection caused this problem. Since last week I have not been able to connect to any of these security sites with that pc, but I can get on them from this pc which is networked via crossover cable to the infected pc which is connected to the net via cable modem. So, I can not get updates for AVG or SAS directly. I had to download the latest SAS definitions to this pc and then copy it over to the other pc. Does anyone have any ideas as to how this infection could be blocking these sites? The infections seem to be removed, but some settings it changed are still intact and causing this problem. I tried all of the suggestions in your FAQ to get SAS to update but none of them worked. Thanks in advance.
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