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  1. I found a post that was dated back in 2006 that talked of remote registry scanning. That was then, so my question now, is it available now? I saw that on the Ultimate Boot CD that it was possible however I don't want to have to put a CD in to do these sort of scans. I'm sure I can muster up a script that can can do that... but if SAS already has that capability why invest my own time then eh? Another reason as to why I'd rather do it remotely rather than via CD is due to the fact that I work on computers all day. I do most of my scans by taking out the hard-drive and hooking it up to the service station via USB which I then do the scans from there since XP/Vista mounts it as a hard-drive (kinda like an external enclosure, without the enclosure). I typically scan 5 - 10 drives at a time, so it'd be a lot faster to also remotely scan the registries. Typical routine would be: Take out drive, hook up to service station via USB. Scan drives Install drives back into respective customers computers Run internal scans Clean up Done I currently scan every system with SAS Pro, ClamAV, Norton 2009, Malwarebytes, ComboFix, Adaware Pro, Spybot S&D, and I run Dial-A-Fix as well as WinSock XP Fix.. the whole process is to make sure the systems completely clean. Some scans find objects that others dont.
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