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  1. Hi Guys! I just wanted to know if I could get your toll free phone # so I could purchase the PRO version today with credit card! Thanks! Darrin
  2. WOW, are you guys fast!! Thankyou for the fast reply & EXCELLANT Customer Service! I'll tell my friends! I forgot to ask you one other thing... Can the pro version be installed over the free version or do I have to do a uninstall first? Once again, Many Thanks!!! Darrin
  3. Hi guys! I have a few questions for you! I have been using SUPERAntispyware Free Edition for quite some time now, & I have to compliment you on this Superior Product! I am changing my security software & would like to know if there are any compatibility problems with Drivesentry 3.12 & Online Armor version 2 & 3, & Sandboxie 3.30? I also want to buy your SUPERAntispyware Professional version but from what I understand the current version 4.21.1004 is not compatible with Firefox 3. Is there a new version coming out soon that's Firefox compatable? So you know, I am running Windows xp pro. I would very much appreciate any info/help you could provide! I almost forgot, do you have a phone # I could call to make my credit card payment? Thankyou very much for your time & consideration! Darrin
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