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  1. If you have found out a work-around/solution, I am sure everyone would be happy to know. By the way, at BleepingComputers link below you can download software which can scan and recover your files with ease. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic212357.html
  2. Can you send it to samples AT superantispyware.com? I just sent it across, in 7zip archive. The sample is the setup.exe file for the malware.
  3. FileFix Pro 2009 is one nasty bugger. Warning its a Ransomware and it encrypts your files and then extorts money. More details on this malware and its removal here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic212357.html SASTeam, I uploaded the setup file for this nasty to fileresearchcenter.com, a few days back. Hope fully you have analyzed the sample.
  4. Ok, I think the issue is gone now. Have been running SAS Pro for about 20 mins, doing common tasks. CPU usage : 2-8% Mem.Usage: less than 1MB. Great work, SAS team I will continue running the pre-release, hopefully no issues will arise.
  5. Is the fix only for latest Nvidia Driver users ?? I am using DELL and hence I am stuck with whatever drivers they release only So I am still running Nividia Forceware 175.97 .... Hope thats not a problem
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