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  1. I have mentioned before that this glitch only started happening since SP3 was fully installed. If you read through the information at this linkhttp://www.insidehw.com/Software/Operating-System/Windows-XP-SP3-vs.-SP2.html it mentions that after installing sp3, Spyware Terminator was starting automatically even though its start up service was set to manual. Now that isn't a big problem, but could sp3 have changed something that's not so glaringly obvious that's causing this shut down issue? regards tom
  2. Still happening here,version 4.25.1012. If my machine is left on all day then the shutdown glitch appears, but if the PC has been on for a short period it seems to shut down as normal. I have no idea if this has any relevance at all.
  3. I had to reinstall the O/S on one of my pc's that had this problem (SP3). I had no problems (not really a problem, more like a glitch) on shutting down with just SP2 installed. As soon as SP3 is fully installed, glitch returns. I have Avira installed and have used three different firewalls and still same glitch, I feel it must be something in SP3 that is causing it, or at least in combination with something else. All I know is that when I shut down with just SP2 installed this anomaly was absent...SP3 installed, it returns...strange. cheers tom
  4. Hi all, I'm currently having this issue using XP pro sp3. From what I can remember its only been occurring since sp3 was installed. It seems to be the only program failing to close immediately on last shutdown. Its not really a problem, I thought it was just my system until I read others are having similar issues, excellent program by the way, you guys do a fantastic job. regards tom
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