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    Update Query.

    Alright. Thanks a lot for the information.
  2. Puma

    Update Query.

    Great, Super. Where is the address that I can send the money order to? Questions: -How long is the subscription? -How many computers can it be installed on? -Say like I would reformat my computer today and SAS Pro was installed, can I still use the registration code again (like if it could be installed on 4 computers, would it count again as installed on another computer)?
  3. Puma

    Update Query.

    I understand. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Just a question, because I do not want to start a new thread . Erm, does SuperAntiSpyware's company accept money order for a subscription to upgrade to Pro Version? Or do you only accept credit cards? In other words, can you tell me all the forms of cash that SAS accepts for a subscription (check, cash, PayPal, etc.) Thanks.
  4. Puma

    Update Query.

    Super, was the exclamation mark in annoyance? Or was it as in a haha?
  5. Puma

    Update Query.

    Thanks, also another question. Why is the update so small then? I expected it to be like 10MB or more. Thanks Elite.
  6. Just a quick question. Say like I have SAS Free, and I have not updated in 2 weeks. So for example the definition updates would be at 3106. I've updated today and the Definition Updates are at 3120. Will the updater also include the updates from 3107-3120? Thanks.
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