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  1. Well now I've looked closer at this, I realise that I was wrong. Yes, just under scanning progress it does show the files being scanned as being on C:\....., but on the right hand side side of the screen it also shows it is scanning memory items. When it gets through with these, and the following registry items, it then scans the Drive that was selected. What is it actually scanning during the "in memory" part of the scan, the files actually in memory, or the corresponding files on the drive itself ? As well as showing the full path of the file (e.g. C:\Windows\Explorer.exe) the hard disk light does flash on and off during this part of the scan, which might give the impression that it is actually looking at files on the drive, but the duty cycle of drive light does not look high enough for it to be scanning the files on the disk. It is now my impression that this actually does work as intended.
  2. I also have this problem. Using 4.22.1014 with XP-home SP3. It doesn't matter what drive/partition is ticked, C: is what gets scanned. I doubt this is by intention, I think it is a bug. PS. And no - I don't have any exclusions entered.
  3. Have you unticked the option to have the icon appear in the task bar. If the icon is not in the task bar then the right click scan option doesn't appear. I don't understand the logic behind this, but it cured the problem for me.
  4. xyz360400, Thank you for your response. I did in fact update to 4.21.1004 shortly after my earlier post (and it is no different in regards to the home page protection). I think your suggestion that this feature would only fully work in realtime with the Pro version is probably the answer.
  5. SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition Version 4.15.1000 Core 3628 Trace 1612 Windows XP-Home SP3, IE7, all current updates, Avast Home Edition 4.8.1229 Antivirus, Zone Alarm 7.0.483.000 Free Firewall With "Protect Home page from being changed.Changes can be made only here" ticked in the Hijack Protection Page, the IE7 home page can still be manually changed from within IE7, and the new page will remain through a restart of the browser, and also through a reboot. If Superantispyware is subsequently opened and it's Hijack protection page opened, then simply closed again, the home page is then returned to the original (the one shown on the HiJack Protection page). I expected the Home page to be locked against being changed at all from outside of the Hijack protection page - is there something I am missing.
  6. Does Superantispyware (Free version) use registry entries in Current User..Internet Settings/Zone Maps or Local Machine...Internet Settings/Zone Maps? I am trying to track down the software ownership of some "blocking" entries in these locations that in this instance do not belong to SpybotSD. Other possible owners are Zone Alarm Free Firewall 7.0.483.000 perhaps installed as part of the overall suite, even though only the Free Firewall was activated, or Malwarebytes (free version). My understanding was that the Free version of Superantispyware did not use this technique.
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