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  1. Yes, I did download the Super-AntiSpyware and I ran it in safe mode but this problem is still occurring, the "Completetala" thing still keeps popping up. I am still unable to access sites such as google and facebook. But instead of the so-called "Microsoft Security Centre", I get "Service Unavailable" instead. This "Completetala" is really irritating me, so if you guys could lend a hand or whatever I'd appreciate it Thanks, Bill
  2. There's this thing that keeps popping up that says "Completetala" as the name and underneath its says "hehehehehehehehe!!!!" i have no idea what's causing it, it also seems to prevent me from visiting facebook, google and any other mainstream site like youtube. When ever i try to access these site, I get redirected to a page called "Microsoft Security Center" with this message: Alert : Your computer have been attacked by spyware or viruses! Please download AntiSpyware to fix. The site doesn't have a logo or anything...but all it does try and force me to download an anti-spyware program called "Anti-Spyware 2008" at http://www.antispyware.com/index.htm, which i believe to be a fake anti-spyware program. I may have downloaded this by accident after all my files on my spare hard drive got wiped somehow, i tried downloading WINRAR from download.com and it turned out not to be the program that i intended to download. It showed up in my task-manager as WINRAR.exe, when i ended the process the messages stop popping up but i still could not access the sites stated above. Restarting the computer did nothing as the "completetala" re appeared under a different file name that im unsure of. I've got AVG and Zone Alarm running and as I am typing this, The "completetala" keeps popping up over and over If anyone is willing to help, or has any advice please respond ASAP
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