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  1. Ok this happened to me well a different type but pretty much the same. Go to this link it tells you what to do. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ... 305AAllIkB The ewido scanner is an online scanner it will scan and deleate everything else that superantispyware doesn't get. It is located as the best answer. Here are my steps, but I am give the credit to this person. Step 1- Since you already have the pro version of SuperAntiSpyware. Step 2- Download the latest version of the defintion update. Step 3- Run the scan (Full Scan to make sure nothing is left behind). To run in safe mode when your computer turns on easyiest thing is to just keep hitting /F8\ Until it Goes to a screen with a lot of words make sure /Safe Mode\ is highlighted and clike enter and when it boots up then run the Full Scan. Step 4- Once it gets done scanning it will bring you to the screen that shows you what it found. Click next and once it quarintines it. If its a trojan or something major it will ask you to restart just click yes. Step 5- When your back on (doesn't have to be safe mode). Open up SuperAntiSpyware and go to quaritine items and click the date and then click remove. Just incase something happens and the program is changed and they are let out of quarintine. Step 6- Go to this link: http://www.ewido.net/en/onlinescan/ It will ask you to download the online scanner its not a very big file. Once it downloads it will take a little bit for it to download all the definitions. (Once its done, then you want need to take to long to download the next ones the next time unless you deleate your temp. folder.). It will show a screen that shows you C://, Cookies, ... Make sure all are checked. Step 7- Scan it it will take a while according to how many files are on your computer. Step 8- Then you will make sure everything is checked and click /Remove Infections\. Proof- This method worked for me and yahoo is just like google, aol, hotmail, ... My computer is up and running because I did this my computer got so infected it wouldn't do much. Now it works perfectly. The post below says that ewido doesn't work because AVG controls it. Well AVG is well respcted by people more important than the one below. Also AVG controlled Ewido online scan when I scanned my computer and they do keep it up to date.
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