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  1. Most likely , most likely..
  2. Noo big!Thanks that you save it, and i hope you use something...Well i have some missed suggestions too **I know, traditional SAS icon is ..I give 2 out of 10 to it..Make a change ***Multi-Dimension process scanner takes much CPU, maybe lower it ***As some peoples(and me too) needs working on PC and nothing dont need slow down us..So scheulded scan may slow me up to 60%, but You can make a Background scan, which scan with less resources, but takes a more time to finish the scan...Anyway its better than a system hang... *****Integrate technology - "Keep away !" What i mean- Trojan Vundo and Generic are most Trojans, which are always in the wild and are most detected, and SAS can bring a shield, which dont allow write the files/keys to system *As we know SAS have VET(Vundo Extraction Tool), but some Trojans are more stealth than Vundo, so you can improve VET to some more Trojans... ***SAS diagnostic report can be tool, which can sort files, that not needed for scanning or not virus files...Think about it ****For registered users SAS can make 24/7 chat support for free!! ****Interate technology- "I monitoring you.." What i mean- if file may suspcious, then check how its accessed, what it do in system and how its accessing system resources..
  3. my another list is some smaller... *I read many suggestions, and i see 90% of good suggestions...* So: ***Icons can be new, well take some from Windows Vista and Windows 7 ...(Another sources) ********I very like idea from Norton 2009( they use cool databases(Pulse Updates) They are rapid~5-10 minutes...As we know SAS use 2MB for each DB..but if you cut it in 6 halfs we get Pulse Updates more faster...(Every 30 min..) *****Add a vulnerability scan (close spots, where spyware can come) ********Integrate technology "Fix me!" What i mean?->When system very badly infected by spyware we can burn to CD Rescue Suite,which downloads database and scan for Infections.. *****Integrate technology- "I am stealth!" What i mean?-> When virus try to kill SAS process, quarantine attacker...And deny access to the process of course ... ****Improve Services scan (at least 30%) **Add a password protection for settings/uninstall ****If virus is S.M.A.R.T and try silently uninstall SAS, show warning like In ZoneAlarm(if i uninstalling it, it warns me) ***Add basic Realtime Protection to SAS Free(i have PRO, but others dont..So please :) ) I think users count will double+ software reputation and unkrown threats detection will incerease up to 34,9% *If SAS Free will have REaltime Protection, then you can limit it (half-year) and then ask to reinstall ****Make SAS more responsive to Archived files scanning(WinRAR has function called Virus scan-it needs scanner file,name,parameters...so think about it)
  4. Hello, as i very like SAS, i suggest on version 5: ****Greatly improve GUI...(well if can, brand new) (transparent option+) ***Improve Terminate memory threats function **Improve scanning time by at least 10% *Scanner should use some smaller amount of memory (60+ MB)???(30mb is OK) *****Translate in more languages **Delete stealth virus files with Unlocker Engine... ****Stop using Terminating Memory Threates when Cookie is found *****Shorter build dates please! Every day users worldwide have incompatiblities with some Programs/other, so please!! *Use more advanced tehnology for detecting a program crash ***Integrate Tehnology-if cannot delete after re-boot, delete in Safe Mode..HOW? If after restart file/key doesnt delete, show warning "This file cannot delete in Normal mode!You can try delete it in safe mode". *******In silent real-time mode, you can add some shields like in Spyware Doctor... **Offer shutdown option when scan is complete(if system is clean)+show warnings like 80% of scan is done, shutdown enabled/disabled,90% of scan done, few time left,shutdown enabled/disabled++... ****Integrate tehnology - block bad sites/IP's/Rogue app sites/3rd party sites like (symantec.com OK,symantes.com BLOCK) +I I very like transparency because Windows Aero touched my heart and now im very like all transparent Hope we use some of my ideas, bye bye...
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