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  1. I agree. I own a business and when I used another spy program I would install it, run it and then tell the software to ignore it in the future. I do use key loggers at work. Also, when using a key logger at your business you are supposed to let employees know anyhow.
  2. I too use it to monitor not only my computer but my kids. What I do is install the program, run the spyware program, have it recognize it, tell it to ignore it and then it is all set. Personally, I would rather risk them finding out then risk a guest or someone in my office installing a key logger that emails them reports like spectorsoft can and me never knowing.
  3. I use Spector Soft Pro. Another spyware program I used always detected this and gave me the option to ignore it in future scans. I felt comfortable knowing that my software detected this. Yours does not for whatever reason. Even though it is a program that is user installed, your updates should include detecting all key loggers and giving the option to ignore. What is someone installs it on a computer without me knowing? It would also go a long way for consumer confidence in your product. Thanks, David
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