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  1. So if I do disable SASWinlo.dll from autostarting, will SAS load it when SAS is started? ... or would I need to reenable it to autostart then reboot? Thanks again, Patrick B.
  2. In the interest of system optimization, would it be reasonable to disable this DLL from even loading? Will SAS work when manually started later if this DLL is not loaded by WinLogin at startup? Thanks! Patrick B.
  3. I recently installed SuperAntiSpyware and selected for it not to run at startup. Spybot Search and Destroy's "Startup" list of programs shows that SASWinlo.dll runs at startup and then apparently quits since I do not see it in TaskMgr. What does SASWinlo.dll do? Thank you, -- Patrick B.
  4. Thank you EliteKiller. The latest version of Mozy now has that option and it is turned on by default. I had allowed http://www.mozy.com to update to the latest version, and also installed SAS. After the reboot, my desktop and Explorer icons mostly had that addition to their icons. Thanks again. -- Patrick B.
  5. Since using SAS, I noticed that many of my files have a green-circle-check icon attached to the bottom right of the existing icon for the file. I found nothing in the forum or in the SAS help about this. What is it and how do I turn it off? Thank you, PatrickB
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