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  1. did i give enough information???....is there anything else you might need to know about my setup to help in figuring out why SAS just stoped working for me...is there anything else you might needed to know to help figure this out and to get SAS working proper again..just keeps freezing at that same point..
  2. Hey Elite killer or Super anti spy yeah just cant still help but wonder why SAS ran fine 2 times then started doing this.. does your web page here.. Product Features and Use With which operating systems is SUPERAntiSpyware.com software compatible? this web page here: https://www.superantispyware.com/support ... html?faq=6 does SAS have a Minimal memory requirment? i read that page first before i even installing SAS.. i dont think it said anything about Minimal memory requriments does it? anyways... 1.) heres how i have my Avast settings set when running SAS i change the Avast settings from the icons in the tool bar before running SAS i change them to these settings before running SAS VRDB Dissabled Avast on Acess Scanner Instant Messaging (Terminated) Internet Mail (Terminated) Network Shield (Terminated) OutLook Exchange (Terminated) Standard Sheild (Terminated) Web Sheild (Terminated) *yeah i terminate all Avast services before running SAS* plus speeking of memory.. im wondering if how i have my system set up is helping or hurting me.. Keep in Mind these setting are how they were set the first 2 times i ran SAS... and SAS ran fine and worked Great!! ...SAS found stuff...and removed it.. yeah keep in mind reading what im typing here next... that SAS worked with my system settings set the way i have them set.. i have set my system settings this way to try and compensate for having only 193 MB of memory.. and i set them this way to try and streamline it a little and have it run a little faster with the memory i have installed.. *wonder if your going to say that this is OK for me having them set this way..* heres how i have my system setup.. in MSCONFIG i have these settings Selective Startup General Tab: (not selected) Process System .INI File (not selected) Process Win.INI File (X) LOAD system services (X) LOAD Start-up Items (x)use Orginal BOOT.INI Start-up Tab: (X) ash Disp (X) Dump rep O-k Services Tab: (X) Lavasoft Ad-awear services (stoped) *set to manual* (X)Avast/Avs4 Control Services (running) *set to Automatic* (X)Avast/AntiVirus (running) *set to Automatic* (X)Avast/Mail Scanner (stoped) *set to Manual* (X)Avast Web Scanner (stoped) *set to Manual* (X)Human Interface Device Acess (stoped) *set to Manual* (X)Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator (stoped) *set to Manual* (X)Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (running) *set to Automatic* all other services are Dissabled* in my Adminstrative tools services *threw the control panal* Administrative Tools Services: (X) Avast AntiVirus services (Automatic) (X) Avast Avs4 Control service (Automatic) (X) Avast Mail Scanner (Manual) (X) Avast Web Scanner (Manual) (X) Human Interface Device Acess (Manual) (X) Lavasoft Ad-Awear services (Manual) (X) Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (Automatic) (X) Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator (Manual) all other Services.. are all DISSABLED* heres how i have my System Properties Preformance Settings Performance Settings tab: Visual effects: (X)Adjust for Best performance Advanced Scheduling: (X)programs Virtual memory: (X)Custom: Inital size: 192(MB) Maxiumsize 484(MB) wondering if there is any other settings you would suggest i could also change to help free up any more memory... or if theres any things i should have enable that i don't have enabled that may be causing this... keeping in mind these are the setting i had the first two times i ran SAS.. 2.) is this what you want to know? SAS when running..is running between 76%..and 99%..and task manager is 1% when i stop SAS ...IDLE is at 99%...and task manager is at 1% (this computer is not conected to the internet yet) and there seems to be noting else running with out it being manually started... when i TERMINATE all the Avast services from the Avast Icon before running SAS cant help but wonder why SAS freezes at this spot when scanning Registry items HLKM\System\Controlset001\Services\WmiApSrv when i did run SAS the first 2 times... it did remove quite a few Registry Items!!.. im wondering if maybe SAS might have Removed anything in that Registry Spot that may be causing it to freeze like this...at that same spot.. yeah if i dont cancel SAS at the spot it freezes at..it restarts my computer..or it even freezes it so bad i have to Un-plug it.. just cant understand why it worked so good those 2 times and now it dosen't i really would like to figure out why SAS is not working anymore the way it did the first 2 times
  3. hey Super anti spy i already did that a bunch that was the first thing i tried.. then i tried reparing it..running The Repair...2 times.. then i un-installed it and re-installed it a few times... hey check this out...it always stops at the same spot... see it at the top..of the picture i attached ... where it says...HLKM\System\Controlset001\Services\WmiApSrv when its scanning the registry.... thats where it always gets the problem...and sticks there right at that spot..HLKM\System\Controlset001\Services\WmiApSrv i looked in my registry..(regedit).. and i just looked at the WmiApSrv folder thing.. whats the Reg. folder associated with any ways?.. and why is it making Super anti spy wear..stop there and then drain my memory till it crashes my computer.... it gets to that spot...HLKM\System\Controlset001\Services\WmiApSrv and if i dont click cancel..or pause and then cancel .. it will lock my computer up..where i cant do anything... and i have to un-plug my computer.. it freezes my system up that bad.. i really would like to figure out how to fix this.. because i kinda like SAS.. i would like to have it in my softwear tool box.. so what do you think Super-anti spy... yeah SAS worked fine the first 2 times i used it.. wonder why its not now..
  4. like i said in my first post... i ran SAS twice allready without any troubles.. and i didnt change any settings in the program this last time.. i should say it again... before i say this next bit here.. i ran it twice already with the settings and memory i have.. 193 Mb's memory.. it ran 2 times perfect...and it found stuff... it found stuff that Adawear didnt find.. it worked great... the third time.. thats what happened.. the third time i ran it....after running it 2 times perfect thats when what happened.. why would i have to change the virtual memory.. when it worked ok the first time... im kinda lost Elite Killer.. what you mean by what the heck is a small package file? and why would i have to change the Virtual memory if it worked fine the first Two times?
  5. kinda new to SAS.. i used it 2 times already and didnt have any problems.. then i went to use it again and it did this... it didnt do this the first couple times i ran SAS.. i didnt change any settings from my prior run.. how can i get it to run good again like it did the first 2 times.. and have it not freeze at this spot.. and eat up all my memory.. like its doing now.. heres a picture
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