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  1. Hi Seth,

    Is this what you're looking for:

    core:5789 trace: 3602 program version 4.43.1000


    windows xp media center edition 2002, 32 bit


    Hello Jerry.

    Please provide the following information:

    - The numerical information of SAS. That information can be found on SAS's main screen.

    - The version of Windows and if it's 32 bit or 64 bit. That information can be found by right clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom left, then choose "Properties".

  2. Hi Seth,

    I went and installed IE8....and it had the same access problems.

    I then reset all the default settings, and now everything is fine.

    So, what do you think happened to my critter ?

    Just don't tell me that he can still be in there taking a nap....



  3. Hi Seth,

    Thanks for getting back....

    Now things are a bit bizarre......

    Question: Are there any viruses that will hibernate ?

    I wasn't real clear on following your steps, so I tried to get updates.

    My firewall was blocking and despite messing with various setting, it continued to block.

    (keep in mind, that by now I would have had quite a few go arounds with the virus popups......but they weren't coming)

    I deleted SAS and downloaded a new version.

    Still no popups......plus I could access things like my contol panel.....which I couldn't before.

    I ran SAS pro and it only found a few adware cookies.

    Still no signs of the virus.

    So.....the virus "appears" to have disappeared.

    Prior to doing anything new.

    The only thing different right now is that my Internet Explorer has stopped accessing the Internet.

    Firefox works.....

    Any ideas on what transpired ?

    And could that sucker still be in there hibernating ?



  4. Greetings,

    I'm getting the popups that say I'm infected with Win32/Nugel.E and BankerFox.A

    I can't download any other antivirus softwares and open it.

    I can't get to removals in my control panel.

    On one occasion I got SAS Pro to open and run, but it didn't find anything.

    I'm also getting blocked for updates.

    Is there anyway to get a scan/removal done without downloading something..... since it won't let me open it.



  5. I did submit support request(s)

    The first one I told them I had the Pro edition....

    They responded a couple hours later they couldn't help me unless I had the Pro edition

    Then they sent me the diagnostics.....

    I've been messing with this for 12 hours now.....

    It's a business computer....my only one

    I haven't heard back, so I'm way more than anxious to get this resolved.

    Spanking...instead of helping....a very frustrated "customer" is highly unprofessional.

  6. I have the SuperAntiSpywarePro....

    I have the most recent updates....

    It took several attempts to get some trojans to delete, but I still can't get rid of the following:




    I've tried with.... and without.... the internet connected.

    After re-boot, everything seems fine, and then a minute or so later the wallpaper changes, so I know it's still there.

    SuperAntiApyware keeps finding but not deleting these same rogues

    This is a business computer....

    I could really use help ASAP



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