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  1. Its funny then how I downloaded your sofware, ran your progam which should have gotten rid of any infection? and then restarted my pc which then and only then would not boot fully? Your software is crap! and your company staffed by fools. CHEERS, EliteKiller for the heads up on that.
  2. it just keeps rebooting......... I installed Superantispyware master last night and from then on, no boot up. I can't get into safemode, I have tryed repairing windows by loading xp on top, no luck. I have disabled "reboot on failure" , and I am getting this message Stop: coooo21a Looking on the net it seems that the antispyware progam has buggered the security and windows won't load. I have gone and got a new harddrive loaded windows and slaved the old harddrive, I would love to just get the old harddrive to be master again, I have deleted superanitspywere master, and spybot s&d from the old program files but not the system files but still no luck any ideas?
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