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  1. hey guys im back i did what you told me and everything went away and i did a routine scan today and it says the dns changer is back i went into safe mode again and follwed the steps and it said there were none, so i went back on to regular start up and scanned again and it says i have the dns changer codec again. is there any way this could be a false positive? or did i never get rid of it? please help me grr so frustrated
  2. hey guys just wanted to let you know everything worked out for me and i am now clean thanks so much for your help. it is really appreciated.
  3. I have been gettting unwanted pop up ads. After running SAS the trojan.DNSchanger-Codec is detected along with a number of other files. After completing the removal process and re-booting the system as instructed the problem returns. Please let me know what to do next! Thanks
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