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  1. Hi Seth! Thanks for your answer ! "Anything SuperAntiSpyware finds in regards to MyWebSearch can be safely removed" "Here is some more information on it:" "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MyWay_Searchbar" Well. I did put the files into Quarantine - And properly also delayed it by SAS. ... But making a scan later it did tell (again) 11 treats. ... So Did I do anything wrong? - Since they still are there ? - We are not so familiar to SAS yet. And it is the first time my wife had those Threats - How can they be removed from the hard disk, so they are gone forever ? - Or shall they keep staying in the Quarantine ? Best wishes and happy Saturday from Moxen
  2. Well - Today I did scan my Wife's PC, and SUPERAntiSpyware Free said : "Adware.My Web Search / Fun Web Products" 11 threats Detected in Registry Items ... Well - My Wife do not have a "Search Bar" or "Smiley Central" installed ... But she get now and then "funny pictures" send by some family members - (So I guess it might be because of that - Though I am not 100 % sure) I looked what SAS said about it : 1 out of 10 (So is should not be high risk, I suppose?!) Still - Should we send the files to quarantine and remove them, just to be safe? - Or what happen if no action is taken ? Well - I ask because it is the first time SAS find anything - And we are not so familiar with what is best to do ... Greetings Moxen in Denmark
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