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  1. Long story short, McAfee said it "cleaned" a virus in SuperAntiSpyware. After a complete SAS scan, it told me I had to reboot. Now, whenever I try to start windows in any mode, I get past the windows loading screen, but before the part where it asks me for my password, there is a blue screen with white text that disappears too fast to read and then my computer restarts. I used a trial XP Professional disk to install a separate OS on the same partition, and I just put the loading files in a folder called WINDOWS2. I can still access most of my XP Home edition files, but the only item that is in the quarantine is a .bup file. The other files were deleted, I guess, because I did another scan and nothing was found. My internet drivers, audio/video drivers, and even my SAS updates are either gone or inaccessable. Also, in my WINDOWS folder (not WINDOWS2), there are a bunch of "DUMP" files, and there are Ksomethingsomething.txt files that include the text "the file spx.cab does not exist". It might be a while before I can check the responses; I'm using my bro's Windows 98 computer. Thanks for any help.
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