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  1. You are a life saver................ That was perfect to the letter to repair my machine............ This should be very usefull to others that might have the same problem. Thank you so much,
  2. will not let me do that no command prompt just goes right back to safe mode when it reboots. I have tried the F8 and select the boot with command but goes right back to safe mood?
  3. Still boots in safe mode? I am getting worried? Thank you,
  4. ok it will take me a few min to transfer it on a flash drive I will be back in a few min .... Thank you,
  5. I ran the un install program now there is no Super spyware folder but will only boot in safe mode? Hope there is something else? Thank you,
  6. Wife is really unhappy with me........ I booted in safe mode with the boot safe option........ had turned off restore....... ran the program and tried to reboot again in boot safe to return to normal start up but says "windows installer cant be accessed or not installed correctly" contact support. I am having to use another pc as I now have no network with the pc stuck in safe mode. How can I get back to normal? Thank you for your help........
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